The last letter

She's at home and looks out the window
It's stormy, grey and hard winds blow
She thinks about how it was last year
She wasn't alone, he was here
Every day she’s asking why
Takes the last letter and starts to cry
With trembling hands, she reads every line
And every word goes through her mind
I think of you, every day and night
When I’m with you, it's alright
You are in my heart, I hold your hand
And our love will never end
She wipes the tears from her eyes
Leaves all her worries behind
The army said, they all come home
All she hopes for is to never be alone
The time of loneliness doesn’t seem to end
Waiting for the soldiers to come back again
The days are long, where she waits for him
It drives her crazy, deep under her skin
The day has come, it's like a dream
She looks so fine, like a queen
With shining eyes, she stands at the pier
But the general says, he's not here