The devil in me

This little dirty town where I was wandering around
Is a place where I can not get out
Where I see the same people day after day
It always goes up and down
You will find me here with a lonesome beer
And my dog sleeps on the floor
I would like to go out with him in this dirty town
But I'm not alone out the door
The pictures on the wall stare at me and recall
What all I left behind
But the time goes by and I ask myself why
Sometimes it's me who cries
Over things I've done and that are gone
It was not always right
But it was my way to where I've always remained
And now I have my last fight
The devil in me you can not see
Drives me along
The devil in me wants to be like me
And time goes on
I remember the time when I was kind
I was happy with the world
The sun shined bright and I felt alright
And nobody could me hurt
I was a crazy boy and every day a joy
I was not everyone
Now I'm looking back, see the young man jack
And now it's all gone