One Day In May

All in the many years, that I was wandering around
Not thinking about the days that gone by or that were lying ahead
I was trapped in the moment, not thinking about the next day
Nothing could touch me, nothing would get to me
Always convinced, this was my way
One year after the other passed, time was just runnung by
I was doing fine, couldn't get enough
Of this wild life that I had come to love
One day in may, my heart got crushed
One day in may, the unbelievable happened
One day in may, the world I knew ended
I didn't see it coming, it took me by complete surprise
Now, everything has changed, nothing is left of my old world
All that's left are memories, pictures from my past
A gray and frightening veil is hovering over my life
The moments where a bright ray makes it through the thik fog are rare
Even though I hit rock bottom and don't feel like going on

I will make it, I will go on this way to the bitter end