Closer to the moon

It's been three mounths and sixteen days
I know that really isn't all that long
Since I was off, you saw me on my way
But now I wonder whether somethings wrong
It seemed all to make sense back then
But now I'm not so sure of what I know
Just that I want you in my arms again
I ask myself, why did I have to go.
All alone midst the stars above
A pale blue light's shining down, down on me
I feel closer to the moon - Than you are to me.
Do you ever lay and watch the moon
Maybe we're sitting 'neath the same pale light
Then I don't feel so all alone
And yet I still don't feel quite alright.
I'm not sure I can last much longer
I think I'll make my home soon
And finally be with you again
But you and I will still have the moon.
We'll lay on the grass together
Behind your house 'neath the summer sky
All alone, one with another

The moon, baby, you and I.