Angel on a train

I met an angel on a train
I never did get her name
I wanted to but I didn't ask her
I couldn't find her nerve
Oh, if only I'd been a little bolder
I fell in love but never told her
She was like no woman I'd ever seen
But then she was gone vanished like a dream.
Oh angel on a train, that afternoon
You were gone a moment too soon
From 'cross the car, I caught your eyes
And I hoped you might realize
That you' taken hold of my heart
But I didn't know where to start
I wish I'd met you on the train
'Cause I've never seen you again.
I looked for her in every place
But couldn't find her angel's face
My angel isn't comin' back
And I'm once more rollin' down the track
She's not going with me today
'Cause I'm on my way and cannot stay