A life called rodeo

Know's he left it all behind - Doesn't know, what he'll find
His city-boy heart feels all alone
Quit his job and sold the car - Need' the cash to get that far
And build himself a life in San Antonio.
The idea came to him one day - After work with bills to pray
On T.V., he saw the rodeo
Decided right them and there - 'Bout New York he didn't care
He'd find his way down to San Antonio.
He's had enough of all that hustle - Yeah, today he's finally gonna go
Chasin' nothing but a golden buckle - He's after a life that's called rodeo.
Sure rodeo life is hard - But now that he's come this far
Sure as hell ain't gonna give up now
And when that first bronc bucked - He's outa rope and outa luck
But he told himself he'd make it through somehow.
Well, a couple years of cowboy dreams - All them cans of pork and beans
It was time for him to ride the rodeo
Well, it didn't go quite how he'd planned - The winner's circle wasn't where he'd land
But it was better than any life he'd ever known.